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Sliding Glass Door Repair

  • Wheels, Tracks, Handles and Locks

Screen Door Repair

  • Wheels, Tracks, Handles, Lock, Mesh & Pet Mesh

Closet Door Repair

  • Wheels, Tracks, Top Guided Wheels

New Sliding Glass Door

New Vinyl Windows

New Closet Sliding Doors

  • Mirrored and Non-Mirrored

Home Matters Sliding Door Repair
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Track Replacement from Home Matters Sliding Door Repair

Wheels & Track Replacement

Most sliding glass door and closet doors have replaceable wheels and tracks. We carry parts with us to every free estimate for all the major brands so we can fix your sliding doors the same day. 

Handle and Lock replacement from Home Matters Sliding Door Repair

Handles & Lock Replacement

Handles, lock mechanisms and lock catches break down over time on sliding doors. Our knowledgeable technicians can identify which handles and locks will work best for your door and replace most the same day!

New Vinyl Patio Doors, Screen Doors & Closet Systems

The majority of sliding glass doors, screen doors and closet doors can be fixed. When a system is damaged beyond repair it needs to be replaced with a new system. We install new sliding glass doors, windows and closet doors for you as well!

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Our Priority is You!

Did you know Sliding Glass Doors, Screen Doors and Closet Doors have to be maintained to keep them running like new. Wheels, tracks, handles and locks need to be replaced every 20 years or so.


Has your patio sliding glass door or closet sliding door become heavy and hard to slide? Not locking properly or your track become damaged? Most contractors will tell you that your sliding door, screen door or closet system needs to be replaced and that they cannot fix them. Or that the cost to fix them would be the same as installing a new system. Thats just simply not true! The cost of a new Sliding Door System can cost thousands of dollars per door! Replacing the worn out and broken parts costs a fraction of that and can be done on the spot!

This holds true for Sliding Glass Doors, Screen Doors and Closet Systems as well!

At Home Matters Sliding Door Repair you'll meet with a trusted and experienced Technician for a free estimate. We do a full evaluation of your existing system and will inform you what's wrong with your door and what options you have moving forward. We bring with us to every job the materials needed to service most Sliding Glass Doors, Sliding Screen Doors and Closet Doors so that we can fix your problem the same day.

Most repairs cost between 5% and 15% of the cost to replace the entire system and are rated to last 20+ years!


Before you pay thousands to replace that system (and every other window to match the new system!) call us for a FREE ESTIMATE! (619) 654-8792

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