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With over 20 years knowledge in the industry, we aim to bring those old Sliding Doors back to life! From Vinyl Sliding Glass Door, Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors and all Closet Doors, Mirrored and Non-Mirrored, if they can be fixed, we at Home Matters Sliding Door Repair Company will fix it right the first time!


When we started out, we saw a need to help our customers have sliding glass doors and closet doors that move like they are brand new without the hefty price tag that normally came with it. 

Remember when they moved with a simple finger touch? They will again!

We offer peace of mind with a quick and inexpensive solution to a daunting problem. One that left many of my customers without a solution prior to Home Matters Sliding Door Repair. With our friendly, knowledgeable and efficient technicians you can have sliding doors that feel like new, at a percentage of the cost to install a new sliding door system.


We see a San Diego that can have easy access to the beautiful views out their backdoor and sometimes their front too!

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